JEWEL FARMER Pitted California Prunes,227g - Super 7 Mart
JEWEL FARMER Pitted California Prunes,227g - Super 7 Mart

JEWEL FARMER Pitted California Prunes,227g

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This is a Vegetarian product.

  • PITTED CALIFORNIA PRUNES: 100% naturally procured California prunes is brought to you by Jewel Farmer with a delectable, sweet taste and zesty flavour. This pack of pitted prunes is hygienically packed in an air-tight re-sealable zip lock packet in order to retain the freshness and its rich taste for a long period of time.

  • NUTRITIONAL POTION: These prunes are enriched with vitamin A, contain dietary fibre, high levels of potassium, vitamin K therefore, they altogether help in enhancing the functioning of heart, brain and bowel. Being a rich source of iron, vitamin B, vitamin C, the prunes aids to improve hair and skin health.

  • HOW TO CONSUME: These pitted California Prunes can be eaten raw as it is. They can also be used to make fudgy brownies, prunes banana almond smoothie, prune kofta, couscous salad with prune, lemon rice with kale salad & prunes, prune sauce, chicken tacos, California prune salsa, and many more.

  • AMAZING ADVANTAGES: Prunes are cholesterol free, sodium free and free from fat but remain a good source of fibre therefore helps to boost digestion process. The unique combination of sorbitol, fibre, and fructose will offer you sustained energy all day long and keep your overall health balanced.

  • STORAGE & SHELF LIFE: The offered pack is best before eighteen months from packaging. It can be stored in cool and dry place therefore, for natural taste & optimum freshness, keep it refrigerated & air tight. Try to do not let it freeze and keep it away from direct sunlight. It is advisable to reseal the package tightly after opening to block air and humidity.