JEWEL FARMER Quinoa,500g - Super 7 Mart
JEWEL FARMER Quinoa,500g - Super 7 Mart
JEWEL FARMER Quinoa,500g - Super 7 Mart

JEWEL FARMER Quinoa,500g

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This is a Vegetarian product.

  • 100% PURE & ORGANIC QUINOA: Jewel Farmer is providing organic quinoa seeds which are known for its healthy nutritional value. They are majorly consumed for its dietary fibres, protein content and minerals. Being easy to incorporate into your diet they are extremely nutritious to fulfil your body requirements.

  • HIGH QUALITY GRAINS WITH ENHANCED FLAVOUR: Grains of optimal flavour, texture and uniform size defines the premium quality of this pack. Free of harsh chemical processing the Jewel Farmer quinoa is washed multiple times to remove seed’s bitter exterior. Through this process quinoa seeds achieve their authentic flavour.

  • NUTRITIONALLY RICH: The offered quinoa seeds contain a range of essential and non-essential amino acids that will eventually help in maintaining the lean muscle mass and support enzyme production for everyday health. These seeds are rich source of protein, carbs, manganese, phosphorous, zinc, folate, iron, etc.

  • HEALTH BENEFITS: Due to being high in fibre it helps in balancing digestion and presence of antioxidants in quinoa seeds assist in neutralizing free radicals and help in reducing ageing signs. Loaded with iron and other nutrients quinoa is a superb alternative to couscous and white rice.

  • QUINOA IN RECIPES: Jewel Farmer quinoa has a wide use like you can prepare Quinoa Upma, Mediterranean salad, Curry Lemon Quinoa, fried rice, chapattis, quinoa chicken, quinoa paneer patties, quinoa pilaf and so many dishes. You can add a unique twist to stir-fry, sushi and various Mexican rice recipes for added nutrition.