Lindt Excellence Dark Strawberry Intense Bar, 100g (Imported)

Lindt Excellence Dark Strawberry Intense Bar, 100g (Imported)

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Experience delicious flavour reminiscent of chocolate-dipped strawberries with the Lindt EXCELLENCE Strawberry Dark Chocolate Bar. Made with Lindt’s premium dark chocolate, this rich dark chocolate bar is perfectly balanced with the bright taste and aroma of fresh strawberries. From its silky shine to the crisp snap of perfectly tempered chocolate, the Lindt EXCELLENCE collection offers a decadent and full sensory chocolate experience. Since 1845, Lindt Maître Chocolatiers have brought skill and passion to producing quality Swiss chocolate. Lindt is one of the only large-scale chocolate makers in the world to oversee every step in its chocolate-making process. Through its innovative farming program, Lindt can trace every cacao bean used back to its farm of origin, ensuring that only the finest ingredients are used, and guaranteeing extraordinary chocolate flavour in every bite. Make sure to store all Lindt chocolate in a cool, dry place to ensure quality.
Product of Germany