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Skittles Fruits, 45g (Imported)

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Skittles original fruity candy Taste the rainbow: The Skittles rainbow, that is. These assorted fruit-flavored, bite-sized candies are one of the all-time candy greats. Deliciously chewy, you'll love the green apple, grape, lemon, orange and strawberry flavored packets of deliciousness. Perfect for parties: Skittles Candies are fruity and delicious, sure, but they're also a great addition to parties. Use them in decorations for Christmas, birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, graduation parties, and holiday get together. Bold and fruity: Skittles original bite-sized candies come in a variety of fruit flavors for a sweet and chewy assortment of your favorite flavors, including strawberry, grape, green apple, lemon & orange. Try as a fruit-flavored addition to your favorite dessert. Favorite classic: You've been enjoying the fruity Skittles rainbow for years now, and Skittles original bite-sized candies still deliver the punch of fruity goodness you remember. Hand them out at your next game-day party for a fun-filled festival.